Woodbury - Stewardship

One of the church’s most vital teams is that of the Stewardship Team. Members of this team work tirelessly to support the other ACTION ministry teams in their efforts, and are responsible for the business functions and other operations of the church. So, from helping maintain the buildings and grounds, to making sure the bills are paid, this team makes certain that Woodbury is indeed God’s Love in ACTION.

Stewardship Team

Last Updated on Friday, December 31 2010 19:29

The Stewardship Team is responsible for these business functions of the church:

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Media Team

Last Updated on Friday, December 31 2010 19:31

The Media Ministry, under the direction of the Support Team, provides three major services to the ministry of the church at Woodbury:

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Stewardship Letter

Last Updated on Saturday, January 01 2011 20:42

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Over the course of this past year, God has blessed us as individuals, families and as a church family. Whether it has been our health, our employment or other life situations God has continued to guide us and to provide for us. God is now guiding the Session to reach out and ask you to step out in faith and give a little extra this advent season and make our future plans possible. All we have comes from Him. God compels us to give. Our giving should flow from us like water from a spring.

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