Listening to Past Sermons

Last Updated on Thursday, December 20 2012 09:14

Woodbury's sermons and other audio broadcasts (or "podcasts") are served through Apple's I-Tunes website.  Here is Apple's instructions for setting up to listen to podcasts.



How can I get started?

The podcasts directory in the iTunes Store is where you find and subscribe to new podcasts:

The Podcasts section of your Library is where you manage your existing subscriptions and play the episodes you have downloaded:

To find and subscribe to a podcast:

  1. Launch iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, download the latest version of iTunes, free.
  2. In the left column of iTunes, click on iTunes Store underneath the Store subheading.
  3. Locate the navigation bar along the top of the iTunes Store homepage and click on Podcasts.
  4. Explore the wide selection of podcasts by clicking on the various pages and links. Alternatively, you can search for podcasts by entering search terms in the Search iTunes Store field. When iTunes displays results for your search, click Podcasts underneath the “Filter By Media Type” column on the far left to show only podcasts.   [Search for Woodbury
  5. When you find a podcast you want to try, you can either:
    • Stream the podcast directly from the store by double-clicking on an episode
    • Download a specific episode to your iTunes client by pressing the “Free” button next to an individual episode
    • Subscribe to the entire podcast by selecting “Subscribe Free” underneath the cover art located on the left of the podcast page

To listen to or watch episodes you have downloaded to your iTunes client:

  1. Navigate to Podcasts underneath the Library subheading on the left side of your iTunes client.
  2. Click the triangle next to the name of a podcast to see all the episodes.
  3. Double-click on the top episode to play it.
  4. To download and play older episodes, double-click on them or click the Get button.



Embedding PDF in articles

Last Updated on Sunday, February 27 2011 21:07

We use a plugin from Tekdi Systems to allow PDF documents to be embedded within articles.


Implement this within an article by the following steps


1. Place the code pdf=http://www.woodburypres.com/docs/yourfile.pdf|500|300 between curly braces {}

- | 500| 300 are widths and heights in content where the pdf file will be embed.

2.Place the code in HTML mode of the editor while using the WYSIWYG mode or turn the editor off before using the plugin otherwise the PDFURL  that you have placed will be treated as a html link by the Joomla editor and the PDF URL will turn blue with a underline. The plugin wont work if this happens.

NOTE: It will work where the PDF embedding is supported by client side browsers. For example you will need to download Abobe's plugin to make it work on Firefox in Linux. Most Windows machines will have this installed when they install the Adobe Reader.


Ideas to Improve this Website

Last Updated on Saturday, February 19 2011 22:25

Welcome to WoodburyPres website 3.0.  We are upgrading the website to accomplish several goals:



Last Updated on Saturday, February 19 2011 22:15

Announcements to the church may be made through these formats:

  • Action Attractions - a weekly bulletin that provides the weekly calendar of events, daily scripture readings, special events coming soon and other news or advertisements.  To place an item in the Action Attractions, contact the church office by phone or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    Read more: Announcements