Is the Bible reliable?

A collection of some 66 books written by 40 different authors over about 1500 years, the Bible has no peer today in terms of authenticated documents from ancient times.  It contains within it history, biography, poetry, wise sayings, counsel and, yes, prophecy.  But prophecy that isn't just telling about future events (some of which have already happened, and some of which are still in our future), but even more prophecy is God's word of encouragement to the believer in each age.  So what is its relevance to us today?

The Bible contains within it that knowledge that will help the honest seeker to know God.  God is able to use these words to teach one how to live a good and upright life (even describing what upright looks like), to correct when one is going astray, to rebuke when one really doesn't want to listen to God, to encourage in times of sorrow and distress, and ultimately to lead one to the very heart of God.  For the Bible is the story of God reaching out to man, to bring us back home.

Pastor Rod taught a series of 6 sermons in 2004.  The compilation may be downloaded from here.  A study format will be developed and posted soon, so check back for it.