Teaching Point Two: Walk as Jesus walked.

Read 1 John 2:3–6.

Notice how John uses words like “know” and “truth”—words that we associate with going
deeper—and turns them into behaviors.  If you want to know if somebody’s a real Christian,
John says, don’t just ask them what they believe, look at how they live.  In fact, John says, if
someone claims to be a Christian, but they don’t do what Christ says, they’re a liar.

Liar? That’s pretty harsh!  But that’s how serious John is about obeying God’s commands.
Unfortunately, a lot of contemporary Christians are not makingthat connection.  A disturbing
Barna poll compared the behavior of so-called “born-again Christians” with the rest of the
population.  These were people who said they had accepted Christ as their Savior and believed
the Bible was God’s Word.  That survey found that in a 30-day period, these self-identified
Christians were nearly as likely as anyone else to visit a pornographic website, to take something
that didn’t belong to them, to physically fight or abuse someone, to drink too much, to use
an illegal drug, to have said something that wasn’t true, to have gotten back at someone for
something they did, and to have said mean things behind someone’s back.  Clearly there is a gap
between the belief and behavior of many people who call themselves “Christians.”


  • [Q] Look at verse 6. What does it mean to walk as Jesus walked—how do we do that?
  • [Q] Let’s explore this idea further by brainstorming what it would mean to walk as Jesus
    walked in our different roles in life. What would it mean for:
    • a truck driver
    • a middle manager
    • a parent
    • a journalist
    • a salesman


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