Did you know that 75%-85% of people who get involved in a church did so at the personal invitation of a friend?
Yet Chris Walker talks with pastors every day who say things like:
  • Few church visitor cards were turned in.
  • Few people volunteered to raise their hand to “if there are any first time church visitors here . . “
  • Church members stared at the floor when the pastor gently reminded them of their mission to invite.
  • Church ushers responsible for counting attendance noticed very few new faces and the numbers showed no growth.
  • Small group leaders were not reporting the attendance of new people who had not yet attended any small group.
  • Sunday school teachers reported no visitors to any of their classes.
The pastor wanted to reach new people for Christ, but in spite of all those exhortations and reminders, it felt like church members were simply not doing the invitations to church.

Are church invitations easy to make?

If personal invitations by existing church members are the most effective church growth mechanism, what stands in the way of that happening?
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