A Short Story

by Pastor Rod Pinder

As Gene reached across his desk to hang up the phone, he felt that ripping pain in his gut again. It was as if someone had taken a butcher knife and started scraping the inside of his stomach. Fumbling through his desk drawer, he muttered an expletive or two. The antacids were gone. "That's okay," he reassured himself. "I hate that chalky taste anyway."

"I wonder what causes those stupid pains," he asked himself. Maybe it was the scotch. He knew he needed to cut down a little. Perhaps it was those secrets he kept from Monica. But he really couldn't see the point in upsetting her. Besides, it would never happen again. This time he meant it. Or maybe it was his job — high stress, fast pace, the company couldn’t care less about him as a person. (Why else would they make him work on Christmas Eve?) And he really felt like some of the things they expected him to do were morally wrong. But what choice did he have? After all, the money was good, and he sure needed the money — especially at this time of year.

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