Monday, April 20 and 27, 7:00 – 8:30 PM



Discovering Life

in the Spirit


Woodbury Presbyterian Church

“God’s Love In ACTIONS”







“New Life”


Are you tired of your old life?

Do you ever wish you could just start over?

How can you get a fresh start?

How does a person become a child of God?

How does a person become a follower of Jesus?













“Where Do We Grow from Here?”

Would you like to be more loving? Have more joy? Peace? Patience?

Can personal transformation happen to you?

How can you become the very best you?








“The Purpose of the Power”

Do miracles really happen today?

What are “spiritual gifts?” Do you have any?

How can you “use your powers for good?”

Can God use you to make a better world?







“Body Life”


Do you ever feel alone in the world?

Do you long for a place where you belong?

How can you be part of something greater than yourself?

Do you know that you are indispensible?

How can you become a member of Christ’s church at Woodbury?



The Explorers’ Course is a three hour excursion into the life of Woodbury Presbyterian Church. Four class units explore the following topics:

  1. New Life (Becoming a child of God)
  2. Where Do We Grow from Here
  3. The Purpose of the Power
  4. Body Life

The course is open to everyone who would like to discover more about life in the Spirit. Members as well as guests are welcome to journey with us, and so enrich their relationship with Jesus and the church.




For those who decide to become members of this congregation, this class will also explain the meaning of church membership and the process for becoming a member.

If you plan to participate in The Explorers’ Course, PLEASE let us know at 282-LOVE (282-5683) so we can prepare materials for you.

Feel free to call if you have any questions.